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Austempering Automated Press Quenching Private

4 years ago Real estate Paris   539 views
Location: Paris
Price: $ --

Austempering Automated PressQuenching Black Oxide Bluing Bright Annealing Calcining

Carbon Baking Carbon Restoration CarbonizingDe-Waxing DrawingTempering ForgingReheating

Gas Carburizing Gas Nitriding HeatFlattening AMS-2750E standard

Heat Treatment of A356 AluminumCastings to T5 and T6 Hardness AMS-2750E standard

High Temperature Tempering HomogenizingIncineration Ion (Plasma) Nitriding Ion Carburizing

Low Pressure Carburizing MalleablizingMarquenching Oxy-Nitriding Post Oxidation Pre-Heating

Pre-Oxidation Press Quenching PurgingPyrolysis Resource Recovery

Pyrometallurgy Quenching Reheating Reheatingfor Press Quench Scale Free Heating Soldering AMS-2750E standard

Solution Treatments T6 HeatTreatment Thermal Destruction Torrefaction Triniding™ Vacuum HeatTreating


TEMPERING HEATING HARDENING AluminumHeat Treatment and Controlled Atmosphere Brazing

Thermal Heat Treatment FurnaceSystems Annealing Stress Relieving Brazing Hardening & Tempering

Age Hardening Low Pressure VacuumCarburizing Nitriding Sintering > Vacuum sintering furnace

 Vacuum brazing furnace Vacuum heat treatmentfurnace Vacuum melting furnace Lab Use vacuum furnace

 Special purpose vacuum furnace Vacuum BrazingFurnace Low Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Vacuum Switching Tube Vacuum BrazingFurnace Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Furnace  AMS 2750E Chambers Vacuum Continuous BrazingFurnace Vertical Type Bottom Loading High Vacuum Brazing Furnace AMS 2750E DiamondVacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum Diffusion Welding Furnace High Temperature VacuumBrazing Furnace Horizontal Type High Vacuum Brazing Furnace High TemperatureLow Vacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Vacuum Gas QuenchingFurnace  AMS-2750E standard

Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace  Horizontal Type Double Chamber Air CoolingVacuum Oil Quenching Furnace Vertical Type Double Chamber Air Cooling VacuumOil Quenching Furnace

Vacuum Aging Furnace Horizontal TypeDouble Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace

 Two Chamber Vacuum Oil Gas Quenching Furnace PlasmaNitriding Furnace

AMS 2750E Vacuum Annealing Furnace VacuumInduction Pyrolysis Furnace Horizontal Type Single Chamber Vacuum AnnealingFurnace Vertical Type Bottom Loading Vacuum Annealing Furnace VacuumCarbonization Furnace Vacuum D Furnace Two Chamber Vacuum Gas Quenching FurnaceVacuum Tempering Furnace

Vacuum Induction High TemperatureGraphite Furnace Vacuum Hydrogen Furnace Vertical Vacuum Water QuenchingFurnace Vertical Type Bottom Loading Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace HorizontalVacuum Pyrolysis Furnace Three Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace VacuumMelting Furnace

AMS 2750E  Vacuum Consumable Electrode Arc Furnace VacuumConsumable Electrode Arc Condensing Furnace  Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace Vacuum RapidQuenching Rapid Solidification Furnace AMS-2750E standard

Vacuum Single Crystal DirectionalSolidification Furnace Continuous Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

 Batch Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace HighVacuum Furnaces Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Vacuum Annealing Furnace HighTemperature Furnaces Heating Furnace Brazing Furnaces Hardening Furnaces HeatTreatment Furnaces Sintering Furnaces Annealing Furnaces Tube Furnaces IndustrialFurnaces Electric Furnaces Forging Furnace Rotary Furnaces Furnaces VacuumFurnace Rotary Hearth Furnaces Box Furnaces

Car Bottom Furnaces Drop Bottom QuenchingPit Furnaces Conveyor Furnaces Retort Furnaces

Composite Thermal Solutions HardeningProcess Solution Vacuum Furnaces AMS-2750E standard



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Additional Details

Size 1981
Rooms 2
Furnished Yes
Building Type Office
Parking Yes